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Partnering together we can bring help and hope to the people of Africa.  I have been in Africa for 8 years and have seen many lives changed.

With your help we have built schools, erected churches, and built homes for widows.  I am in Africa to do the work of the Lord. Through his mercy and with your help this has been possible. I am merely a vessel being used to accomplish this. If you want more information please feel free to contact us via e-mail, phone, or Facebook.

One of our biggest challenges is finding ways of bringing water to these villages that have no water.  We often walk 4-5 miles to fetch water but we believe that someone will help us design a water system that will allow us to provide these villages with clean drinking water.  If you have any ideas on how this can be accomplished, we welcome your suggestions.

Consider becoming a partner with us and become part of what God is doing in Africa.

ACM Ministries
PO Box 642018
Kenner, LA 70064