Blankets for Prisoners

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Sep 29, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

What an awesome time of ministry. We got clearance to deliver some of the blankets we were able to buy for the inmates We got them also tooth brushes, tooth paste and a soccer ball. We did not have enough for all of them but believe we will get for them soon. As we can, we would like to bring not only the students but the other men soap and sugar.

We also have another facility to visit soon and believing for open doors to go into the women side of the prisons. We have sometimes over 100 students taking the classes.

A bit intimidating for me going into an all men’s prison knowing some were “lifers”, terrorists, murderers etc. But some of these men have found freedom of their spirits within these prison walls. Four have completed BVI Bible courses and are now pastoring some of the groups within the prison. You could see peace in their faces.

Robert Kamaga our assistant director is doing an awesome job bringing Bible school to these men.

One man shared that he had been in for 22 years but was coming out next year.