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Feb 23, 2012 No Comments ›› admin

Here are some of our 90,000 we are making. These have been molded and stacked so they can dry and then after they are dry they are stacked like a pyramid and a hollow middle to put in fire wood. We will need about 3 truck loads of firewood to burn these bricks. Moving forward step by step to our building of Victory Academy.

Yesterday an official came and said he was giving me ONE MONTH To finish the construction . ha ha HE OBVIOUSLY does not know the process of getting money, materials, workers, fetching truckloads of water for cement AND bricks and getting metals from 3 towns away getting a welding machine and a generator and a cutter for metals to make windows and doors.

He is new in the position and was pushing his weight.

Thank you all who have helped us get this far and for those who will see us to completion. God is faithful, DON’T GIVE UP seems to be my new motto.


God bless you all.