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Poor Truck

Feb 22, 2012 No Comments ›› admin

Our poor truck looks like a beat up Transformer. Most people would be in panic mode but the ones that have been with us since day one, know this is only a speed bump. Stay tuned for pictures and updates.   [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="rand"]

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School Foundation

Jan 23, 2012 No Comments ›› admin

The school foundation is complete and we are excited to start on the construction of the walls. We have 350 children in Victory Academy-Busuma and they are so ready to get into their building once we finish building it. It will be the first real building in this entire region.

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Construction has begun

Oct 20, 2011 No Comments ›› admin

Construction of the school is coming along. I just wanted to share these PICTURES with you to update you on the construction, let you see our kids, and to help you feel like you are here with us every step of the way. Thank you and GOD bless you.    

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The Vision is on its Way

Oct 15, 2011 No Comments ›› admin

The construction for our new school has begun. WOW! so many years later but his plans are never late. We have prayed and believed for this day and for the opportunity to build this school in the village of Busuma. Well here we go. We have broken ground and have started to lay the foundation. ...

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School Children

Jun 7, 2011 No Comments ›› admin

We are moving forward and going through the planning process of the second school. Things move slow in Uganda as you can imagine.  Thank you all who have given and continue to pray for our new building. The children will be so happy.

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The Children are Always Grateful

Mar 17, 2011 No Comments ›› admin

You would think that with the despair and deplorable living condition here in Uganda; that the children would complain. They are always so grateful for what they have. They are happy for food, 1 toy, any clothes you give them, even learning under a tree. This year we are going to give them even ...

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